Always striving to improve our ‘idea to business’ ratio

Audio Webcasting

Successful development phase and launch in 2015. Steady growth and exciting product pipeline

Loober - Peer to Peer Voice Chat

Ahead of its time – unique firewall piercing technology; agile codec; and messaging functionality, but too complex set-up at the

time and too many sound-card and network issues – Loober failed to make it.

Weatherto Ltd - Travel site

With Weathertofly, you know when you want to fly, where you want to fly from,

but don’t care where you go as long as the weather is good.


Site works, but has yet to make it as a commercial proposition

Telecommunications Operator

Confabulate Limited is a UK telecommunications operator

with both mobile and pager number ranges

SMS Routemaster - Check route accessibility

This Android app targeted SMS wholesalers to crowdsource SMS route availability. Test SMS messages would be sent to

participants where messages would arrive silently on the device and analytics returned to Confabulate via the mobile

Internet. Unfortunately Android APIs changed to prevent silent receipt of messages making idea unviable.

Volunteer Community Helpline - Covid 19

Confabulate Ltd created a platform to enable volunteers supporting local communities to remotely divert helpline calls

between volunteers during the Covid-19 crisis in 2020.

Quetooth - Bluetooth connection sharing

Quetooth combined bluetooth connection sharing and additional memory to make it possible for multiple contributors to add

to the playlist on a bluetooth speaker. A new track could be buffered to the speaker during playback of the current tune.

Patent issues were unearthed during the development phase – the project was halted

betbait - dynamic video creation

betbait created video content including up-to-date odds in real time, aimed at social media feeds.

Proof of concept worked faultlessly but client couldn’t get their act together to commit to commercial deployment

VoucherHouse - gift vouchers for all

The idea was to enable gift vouchers for enterprises by making use of virtual credit cards. Market research confirmed

demand, but issues regarding fees and who would stand as merchant of record deemed the idea unviable.

Pullman Manbag

The Pullman Manbag concept was brought to life when Justwise, Saffron Walden

commissioned a prototype to be made in China. A great success, but Confabulate ‘bottled
it’ when made aware that the minimum order quantity was 5,000