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We provide online communities with the tools to broadcast audio content in real-time to a web-based audience via a flash widget embedded on to your communities website.

In essence, Loober enables our Clients to produce their own ‘Online Radio Shows’ and broadcast these shows ‘Live and Interactive’ to their audience.

Loober is fully interactive!

Community members can engage with the show in several ways:

By Downloading the Loober Application;

Via Phoning in to Loober via a Unique Number;

Via Skype;

Via the Loober Widget

Loober is offered to our Clients as a white label product allowing them the opportunity to customize the Loober application to fit the look and feel of their existing website and branding. We also invite Clients to specify or provide the art work for the flash widget.

We provide each Client with bespoke Loober software with access provided via a unique download link for their community only. Access by users outside this community is prohibited unless otherwise agreed by the Client.

This lightweight programme packs a surprising punch and deals effortlessly with the challenges encountered on the Internet. The benefit of its peer to peer architecture is there is no limit to the size of your audience.

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